Website Maintenance Packages: How Much Do Website Maintenance Packages Cost?

Searching for website maintenance packages? Digital Upgrow offers affordable website AMC packages for website owners. Website support and maintenance is an integral process for online businesses. The average cost of website maintenance services in India is about INR 20,000 ($270.00 ) per annum.

Website Maintenance Service Packages to Run Your Website Flawlessly

Though you may find several Website Maintenance Agencies to quickly fix your website’s glitches. But, RankON Technologies can be a steadfast partner owning tons of capabilities to solve your problems without hitting your pocket hard. Our website maintenance packages are reasonable and customizable and can be the best solution for your website’s issues.

Why Is Support And Maintenance Package Essential For Your Business Website?

You have a business fully-functional, attractive, and well-optimized business website. You have invested dimes to get your business website created. But, for some reason, you neglected to take website support and maintenance services. Either you didn’t find it worth it, or you were in the over-confidence that there wouldn’t be any problem with your website in future, or you thought that it’s simply a waste of money to invest in website maintenance services. You are wrong, You should get website maintenance packages to keep your website up and running when you want any update or face any website issue.

Unfortunately, it was just the second month since your website went live; your website acquired some technical glitches. Now you approached the website development agency where you gave a contract for your website, but again, you met a jerk there. The company denied your plea by saying that their website maintenance and support expired the previous month itself.

Now you’re helpless! Neither do you have such skills nor can you ask somebody else as it would be bad for your business’s privacy?

You’re in the deepest danger as you’re not able to serve your customers and also do not have somebody to assist. Now when there isn’t a thing that can help in restoring your business ideas, the role of a website maintenance company comes into play.

Website Maintenance Services From A Premium Website Maintenance Company

At RankON Technologies, we have deeply comprehended both the major and minor challenges that people usually face after getting their business website live. To help website owners to tackle their website’s maintenance issues, we have prepared a custom-made and all-inclusive website maintenance plan that will let their website deliver a fast, safe, and all-in-one online experience.

Perks of Having Our Custom Website Maintenance Packages in India:

  • Your website will not have any security issues.
  • Your website will always have updated content.
  • Your website will be free from all types of errors.
  • Your website will run seamlessly on web browsers.
  • Your website will look enticing and engaging

Affordable Website Maintenance Packages In India By Digital Upgrow

Are you seeking reasonable website maintenance packages in India? Digital Upgrow has brought for you a customizable, reasonable, and functional website maintenance package in India.

By choosing our packages, you will be able to eliminate the worries that come with managing, monitoring, and maintaining a website.

Website Maintenance Packages

Note: All prices are excluding taxes. Digital Upgrow will not be responsible for any hack and malware issue. We will try to fix as per our knowledge and skill if anything goes wrong.

Website Maintenance Package That Covers Everything And Is Custom-Made

We have prepared a website maintenance package that covers every sort of problem either it’s big, small, or medium.  Moreover, our website maintenance packages feature solutions for all sorts of web designing, development, database connectivity, security, etc. problems. We manage to embark on our customers’ expectations as we have a proficient team of award-winning developers, designers, and digital marketers that can maintain and improve your website by browsing our web maintenance service plans and prices. Our website maintenance package encompasses the following:

Our Website Maintenance Services include

Regular Updates

Technical Support

WordPress Maintenance

Product Or Services Updates

Our Website Maintenance Pricing Plan Includes Solutions For Designing | Development | Database | Security | Performance | SEO

Your website is your digital storefront and maybe the first platform where users interact for the first time with your business. To impress your customers and inspire them to take the preferred action, you must ensure that your website qualifies in every aspect. While it can be tough for you to handle both the business and website’s needs single-handedly, you may choose to be assisted by RankON Technologies for website maintenance services. Our website maintenance package would certainly have solutions for all kinds of website issues.

  • Detecting Malicious Insiders
  • Checking The SSL Certificate
  • Running Outdated Software
  • Removing the broken link and non-working pages from your website.
  • Regular backups of your website.
  • Fixing & maintaining the loading speed of your website.
  • Website Health Check
  • Updating current design or features on your website.
  • Adding new design or features on your website.
  • Updating & adding contents and images on your website.
  • Adding posts to your website blog.
  • Code Optimization
  • Domain and Hosting Assistance
  • Fixing Functional Issues on your website.
  • Fixing payment gateway related bugs.
  • Managing products on your e-commerce website.
  • Adding or deleting script and functionalities related bugs on your website.
  • WordPress Themes and Plug-Ins Update
  • Improve your site’s ranking on search engines.
  • Creating Backlinks
  • Image Optimization
  • Content Optimization

Why Choose Digital Upgrow For Website Maintenance Packages?

If you’re looking for a reliable website maintenance company with a track record of content clients, choose Rankon Technologies. We have:

  • 12+ Years Of Experience
  • Highly Dedicated Team
  • Specialization and Expertise
  • 500+ Content and Satisfied Clients
  • Customized Website Maintenance Plans
  • Great Customer Support

Take Website Maintenance Services Now To Enrich Your Website’s Usability | Functionality | Reliability | Security

Web browsers are bombarded with millions of searches every second.  Chances are your website may have been traversed by thousands of people.

Suppose a user browsed through your website for the first time and met some technical glitches. Now even if he/she had a mood to buy your products or services, he/she would change the decision or a fault on your website may avert him from proceeding further.

Now think, if a single user may encounter such kind of problem with your website, there could be hundreds of others experiencing the same fault.

If you’ll continue to lose users this way, it can incur your business great loss. Thus, you should be ever ready with the nail and forks to dodge all the website maintenance issues that hinder users to utilize your products and services.

We at RankON Technologies, are here to help you with your website maintenance work. Just remember, we are there when you need us.